Help us Preserve the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Zazzle and the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park Join Forces

     On January 5, 2011, The Tubac Presidio Historic State Park and the world’s top print-on-demand company, Zazzle, became partners in an enterprise for the sole purpose of raising money for the preservation of the Park. We join the ranks of many charitable institutions (the Humane Society, U.S., the March of Dimes, Peta) and many historical and educational foundations and organizations (the Library of Congress, the Boston Public Library, the Heritage Center) in choosing Zazzle to host our site.
     Our role in the process is simple. We use our historical maps, photographs, and images, as well as donated artworks, to design products offered by Zazzle that people might be interested in purchasing. These designs are uploaded onto the Zazzle site and posted in our own store, The Tubac Presidio Park Shop, where people from around the United States and from around the world may see them, along with their descriptions. These products are now ready to be purchased.
     The role of Zazzle is to manufacture, package, and ship the product once it is purchased. The team at Zazzle is a large one, consisting of technical personnel, customer service personnel, and all those involved in the manufacture and shipping process. Our Tubac Presidio Park Shop pays nothing-no annual fee, no dues, nothing. Zazzle pays us a 10-25% royalty on products that have been purchased from our shop every 30 days. It is so beautifully simple, and is part of the reason Zazzle has grown so fast. They currently have over 35 billion products posted in shops, like those mentioned above, on their site, all of which are guaranteed to please or send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. That’s the Zazzle guarantee. Many rock bands, Celebrities, artists, photographers, and individuals looking for a creative outlet, are taking advantage of all Zazzle has to offer.
     One more role must be filled, however, for this venture to be a success: promotion and advertising. The Park has no money for this and, therefore, must rely on us, the friends of the Presidio, to spread the word. Through word-of-mouth, emails, this blog, and any publicity opportunity, we must get the word out. If you have an interest in seeing this cultural treasure continue to be preserved, please let everyone know that there is an online merchandise shop with gifts, artwork, and greeting cards out there that would benefit so much from a purchase. Suggestions and ideas to help us are welcome, so feel free to contact us. And, of course, come visit the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park to see for yourself why it is worth preserving.


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