Help us Preserve the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Contributor’s Spotlight-Alice Keene, Photographer

Saint Ann's Church

     Alice Keene is a local photographer in Tubac, Arizona and the owner of Keene Studios. We were delighted when she volunteered to be our first contributing artist.  Her surreal digitals lend themselves perfectly to the creation of unique items for the Tubac Presidio Park on-line Gift Shop.

     Ms. Keene is mostly self-taught and grew up in the northwest portion of  Washington State where, inspired by her beautiful surroundings, she first picked up a Brownie camera and began photographing the natural beauty of her childhood environment.

     The spotlight today is on products featuring her digital creations, all of which can be found in the on-line gift shop.

Country Store postcard

Pots and Ladders postcard

Virgin of Guadalupe bookmark 1x3"

Bull's Head bookplate

Tubac Corners USPS postage stamp (available in many denominations)

The Village mousepad

Alice Keene collector's organic grocery tote

Saint Ann's Church greeting card

St. Ann's and the Santa Ritas poster/print

    As you can see we offer a lovely assortment of  Alice Keene items and gifts.  Click on a picture to see a more detailed description or to purchase.  We appreciate Ms. Keene’s valuable contributions, the proceeds from which will help preserve the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

     We encourage our readers to contribute a photo, drawing or painting for use on our site.  It’s easy and free!  Contact us at to find out how to email your contribution and for more information.  We could use anything from a nature snapshot to an artistic masterpiece.

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