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How to Add a Photo to ANY item in the Tubac Presidio Park Online Gift Shop


A number of our items in the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop (hosted by Zazzle) are offered as a template.  A space is provided for you, the purchaser, to upload a photo from your computer and incorporate it into the design.  You have now co-created a one-of-a-kind item for purchase by you and no one else!  (Circled area in the illustration shows where to upload your photo.  Click ‘change’ and follow the prompt.)







It is also possible to add a photo to an item without the provided template.  This second illustration (left) shows a greeting card which offers a text template but no photo template.  To add a photo, click the orange  ‘Customize it’ button visible below the picture of the card itself. You will now be on the customization page for this greeting card (3rd illustration below).  

Let’s say you would like to add a photo to an inside page of this card picturing the intended recipient of this birthday card.  Click the ‘view’ of this page shown in the row of images below the large picture of the greeting card. It will be the page view that contains the text ‘Happy Birthday” and circled in white in illustration below. 






Now (illustration below) you will see the ‘Happy Birthday’ page shown in the main image area in place of the front of the card which features artwork. ( Whatever you see in any particular view is exactly what will be printed on the product when you click ‘Add to Cart”, so be sure you like what you see when you are done with any customizing you do on a product.)  Now you are ready to click the white ‘Add images’ button below ‘customize it’ (circled in gray in the 4th illustration to the left).  The fifth illustration shows what pops up on the screen.  Follow the instructions.  Illustration number 6 shows your photo on the page.  We must now size and position the photo and customize the text so that everything looks good.


  Using the tools labeled in illustration 7 (below), we can move the photograph or text; we can increase or decrease the size of the photograph or text; we can change the font or color of the text.  Experiment with these tolls until you like the result, which in this case, is shown in illustration 8 (last illustration).





The final product is a custom Greeting card with beautiful artwork on the front and a very personal greeting on the inside.  Choose the number of copies you wish to order and click ‘Add to Cart’ and you are finished!  Fun to do and sure to please, customization is what put Zazzle on the map.  The Tubac Presidio Gift Shop is hosted by Zazzle, thus enabling us to offer these same tools to our customers and supporters.

 Stuck, Confused, or Unhappy with your Progress?

 Click the Tubac Presidio Park banner at the top of the page and you will be returned to the home page, where you may begin again. For answers to your questions, feel free to contact our designer at where you will receive timely assistance.  Also, check out the Zazzle Guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction or your money back.


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