Help us Preserve the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Contributing Artist: William Ahrendt

     At the age of seven, Bill announced to his parents that he was going to be a painter!  At 17, he entered The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Upon graduation, Bill won the institute’s coveted European Study Scholarship. The scholarship afforded Bill a one year European  study tour, however his discoveries in the great museums of Europe kept him there for 11 years.  While living in Germany, he enrolled in the Munich Academy of Creative Art and studied painting techniques of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

     Bill returned to America in 1968.  He completed his Masters Degree in Art History at ASU and became the Art Department Chairperson at Glendale Community College.  He now devotes his time to the creation of historical paintings of the West and shares his life with his lovely wife, Shari, in Pine, AZ.  Bill’s works are highly sought by collectors worldwide.

     Bill has been contributing editor of Arizona Highways magazine, where his paintings and articles have been published in over 40 issues.  He has been featured in Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines.  Phoenix Home and Gardens featured Bill as the Master Artist in the March 2002 issue.

To see more works by this outstanding artist or to commission a painting, please visit his website.

See his paintings on posters and postcards at the Tubac Presidio Park on-line gift shop, where all proceeds from your purchases go directly to preserving this cultural treasure.

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