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Photographic Exhibition at the Presidio this Summer

QuienesWebQuienes Fuimos, Quienes Somos.  Who we were, Who we are.

A photographic collection

June 1-August 29


Who we were, Who we are presents the work of photographers Jorge Angulo, Carlos Licón , Juan Luis Fernández, Claudia Platt and Juan Casanova and their excursions in the diverse roads of Sonoran geography rescuing images of who we were and who we are.


This collection presents a mosaic of individuals and families of a great part of Sonoran municipalities. The evolutional record of working class, peasant and middle class families was captured in images reflecting not only the faces and personal features of ethnic diversity but also the variety of occupations and customs in our culture.


This work is a window allowing us to see the evolution of Sonoran families as the core of our society and to look into the role of photography as a record of the history of family.


The accompanying book (available only in Spanish) includes 115 historic and contemporary portraits. Two introductory essays by Jose Dr. Antonio Rodríguez and Dr. Ignacio Almada Bay offer a cohesive view to the collection, one offering information about photography and photographers in the period before and after the Mexican Revolution and other exploring the role of family networks in the History of Sonora.


This collection of family portraits offers a reaffirming view of who we were and a view into the intimate spaces of feelings, homes and relations of who we are, and we hope provides an opportunity to see more clearly into our future.


Planned as part of the local projects to celebrate the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence, we present a selection as an opportunity to look into the common realities of family life in the Sonoran Desert region. Enjoy it !


Poly Coronel Gándara

Instituto Sonorense de Cultura / Sonora Culture Institute

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Contributor’s Spotlight-Alice Keene, Photographer

Saint Ann's Church

     Alice Keene is a local photographer in Tubac, Arizona and the owner of Keene Studios. We were delighted when she volunteered to be our first contributing artist.  Her surreal digitals lend themselves perfectly to the creation of unique items for the Tubac Presidio Park on-line Gift Shop.

     Ms. Keene is mostly self-taught and grew up in the northwest portion of  Washington State where, inspired by her beautiful surroundings, she first picked up a Brownie camera and began photographing the natural beauty of her childhood environment.

     The spotlight today is on products featuring her digital creations, all of which can be found in the on-line gift shop.

Country Store postcard

Pots and Ladders postcard

Virgin of Guadalupe bookmark 1x3"

Bull's Head bookplate

Tubac Corners USPS postage stamp (available in many denominations)

The Village mousepad

Alice Keene collector's organic grocery tote

Saint Ann's Church greeting card

St. Ann's and the Santa Ritas poster/print

    As you can see we offer a lovely assortment of  Alice Keene items and gifts.  Click on a picture to see a more detailed description or to purchase.  We appreciate Ms. Keene’s valuable contributions, the proceeds from which will help preserve the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

     We encourage our readers to contribute a photo, drawing or painting for use on our site.  It’s easy and free!  Contact us at to find out how to email your contribution and for more information.  We could use anything from a nature snapshot to an artistic masterpiece.

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Call to Artists-Tubac Artists and Photographers-Donate an image by Email!

     We would like to feature more work from our local artists and photographers on the Tubac Presidio Park merchandising site.  Submit at least three works of art or photographs and you will be featured on our blog and we will include your website and/or contact information in the product descriptions of  any products utilizing your work in its design.  You will receive no remuneration from your submissions, but you will be helping us to secure the future of the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.  All proceeds from sales on our merchandising site go directly to preserving this cultural treasure.

    Contact our designer at for quick and easy instructions for submission.  Please type ‘submissions’ in the subject line of your email. 

     We are very pleased with the response to our efforts so far and have over 300 products currently for sale.  See these at*

     Below are some favorites.  Click the picture for more information about the product or to make a purchase. Thank you for looking, and we look forward to hearing from our talented locals!