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Presidio Online Gift Shop Gets Facelift

preswrdprsOur On-line Gift Shop

The Tubac Presidio, in partnership with the world’s largest print-on-demand platform (Zazzle), launched our on-line gift shop in 2011. We have enjoyed this relationship and we anticipate nothing but greater success in the future due to the changes Zazzle implemented on July 1st. Our shop is now more streamlined and easier to navigate, creating an even better shopping experience for our visitors.

How It Works

Based on our historical photographs, maps and documents, we design  all of the products we offer in our shop. These items range from t-shirts and mugs to postcards and cell phone cases. New products are added periodically like laptop sleeves and water bottles. We earn a small commission on every product we sell, all of which goes directly to the Tubac Presidio Park in aid of its preservation efforts.  Zazzle prints and ships the purchased product, usually within 24 hours and with a no-questions-asked guarantee: if you don’t love it, they take it back.


Contributing Artists

We have been fortunate enough to benefit from the gracious generosity of our contributing artists, who have allowed us the privilege of using a sampling of their artwork or photography in our designs. Alice Keene, Roberta Rogers, Richard Lasley and William Ahrendt have our deepest thanks for the added appeal they bring to our little shop!

How You Can Help

The Tubac Presidio Park is a cultural and historical treasure. If you would like to support efforts to preserve the Park, you can do so in two ways.

1. Purchase something! Use our link to browse in our Gift Shop. You may find something you like. Or use our Zazzle link (using this link ensures we will receive remuneration for referring you and does not increase the price you pay) to shop in its multitude of shops featuring art and designs from around the country as well as from around the world.

2. Contribute a photograph or a work of art. Have you taken a lovely photograph of the local flora or fauna, the local scenery or of something else of local interest? Perhaps you are an artist with something to share? Once you donate an image, we do not own it. You are free to sell it, post it, or reprint it elsewhere. It will always remain yours. We would like to credit you but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is okay with us. By donating, you would help us expand our appeal and our inventory. We would greatly appreciate your gift. Interested? Contact our shop designer, Cindy, via email for details. (P.S. You will not be added to any sort of mailing list or volunteer list.)

Donated Residential Photo

Donated Residential Photo made into a Postcard

Thank you

Our thanks to all of our supporters and visitors over the last two years. We look forward to sharing more history and more artwork in the future!


Our new storefront

February 2013 Events!




preswrdprsSouthern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches – Saturday, February 2, 2pm

Travel writer Lili De Barbieri will discuss her new book “A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches: Rustic Southwest Retreats.” Our region’s historic guest ranches include Spain’s first mission in the continental U.S., a World War II prison camp, a boys’ boarding school, and a Butterfield Stagecoach stop. Intimately connected to Arizona’s land and legacy, these unparalleled retreats have hosted artists, movie stars, and politicians and continue to enrich our present-day communities by sharing their rich southwestern heritage, culture and cuisine. $7.50 fee includes admission to tour the Presidio Park.


And on Tuesday, February 5, at 10:30 we will be offering a guided tour of the Barrio de Tubac Archaeological site. If you haven’t yet taken this tour or want to share our rich archaeological heritage with visiting houseguests. Tour guide Phil Halpenny gives a superb interpretation of the area history based on his life as a professional hydrographer.

Guided Tour of the Barrio de Tubac Archaeological Site – Tuesday, February 5, 10:30am

Special tour by local experts of the Spanish colonial archaeological site just south of the Park which preserves the remains of the original Tubac town site, including residence foundations, plaza area, refuse area and partial irrigation ditch. Meet at the Park’s Visitor Center. Tour involves a walk of about 1-1/4 miles. Bring walking shoes, sunscreen and hat. $7.50 fee includes admission to tour the Presidio Park. Tour limited to 15; call for reservations, 520-398-2252.


If you plan on coming to the Tubac Festival of the Arts, Arizona’s longest running arts festival,  next week from Wednesday to Sunday, be sure to tell the Rangers and parking guides that you want to park in the Presidio lot.

Tubac Festival of the Arts – February 6 -10, 10am-5pm

Southern Arizona’s longest running art festival! Festival visitors who park in the Tubac Presidio’s paid parking lot ($6 per car) will get an extra bonus – a pass for 1 free admission to tour the Park that day. The paved parking lot is conveniently located to Tubac village. Proceeds from the Presidio’s lot will benefit “Save the Presidio.”

Visit our online Gift Shop and check out the new items

When you purchase, all proceeds go directly to efforts to preserve this cultural treasure.


Grand Opening-Tubac Presidio Park online Gift Shop

     In January of this year, the Tubac Presidio Park began developing its online gift shop.  With the help of a local volunteer, we have been able to post over 1500 gift items for sale to a world-wide customer base.  The gift shop is hosted by Zazzle, the premier print-on-demand site, which offers a 100% guarantee on our merchandise, which is typically manufactured within 24 hours of order placement. Your purchases will be greatly appreciated and all proceeds go directly to preserving the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.  Shopping online at the gift shop is a fun way to help ensure the future of this cultural treasure.

     Our Christmas cards, gift tags, gift bags, and gift items are unique and feature artwork donated by our contributing artists Roberta Rogers, Richard Lasley, and Alice Keene.  We also offer a selection of collectible Tubac Christmas items.

     These same artists, along with renowned western artist, William Ahrendt, have donated many beautiful artworks that you will find on canvas fine-art prints, postcards, and affordable posters.  Historical maps, photographs, and documents are also to be found on gifts as diverse as key rings, t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and cell phone cases.

     Join us on Facebook for sales going on now through the Christmas Season and, of course, our blog will keep you up to date on new products like ceramic tiles, trivets and gift boxes, which we will be adding over the coming weeks.  Sign up to receive the latest posts!

     We also offer 2012 calendars, spiral bound in three sizes, or on the backs of postcards for handy desk referencing.

      All items in the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop can be customized and personalized by you to create a one-of-a-kind gift tailored specifically for anyone on your gift list.

     We look forward to your visit and we hope you find that perfect something for your special someone this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!

     For more information or for help customizing your gift items, please contact

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Zazzle Christmas Marketplace

More Artist Designed Cell Phone Cases from Tubac Presidio Gift Shop

Just in time for the holidays, we have added new cell phone case for your Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Bold  or Samsung Galaxy S mobile phones.  Better yet, these new cases are 25% off through October 16th!  Use code CASEMATESALE in the promo bar at check out.

We have artwork from our contributing artists Richard Lasley, Roberta Rogers and Alice Keene as well as historical maps, the Arizona state flag, and Tubac Presidio Park themed designs.

Zazzle (our print on demand website host) has partnered with Case-Mate to bring you new device case styles. Now you can protect your BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, or Samsung Galaxy S with a custom case.  Designed to be sleek and lightweight, these form-fitting cases cover the back and corners of your device with an impact resistant, flexible plastic shell, while still providing access to all ports and buttons.










Purchasing from the Tubac Presidio online Gift Shop is a great way to contribute to the Park.  All proceeds go directly to preserving this cultural treasure and your support is very appreciated.   If you would like to request your favorite Tubac Presidio Park image be placed on the cell phone case of your choice, contact us at  We are happy to customize your item and there is never a fee or extra charge.

We hope you enjoy browsing in our online gift shop and we would love to hear from you!  Thank you for visiting.








See all of our Case-mate designs

See all of our Speck iPhone designs

Tubac Presidio Park online Gift Shop

Our Christmas Designs 

Zazzle World Marketplace

Southwest Canvas Fine Art Prints Now Available

     Just in time for Christmas, premium canvas fine art prints featuring paintings and photography from our contributing artists, Roberta Rogers, Alice Keene, Richard Lasley and William Ahrendt, are now available for purchase from the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop.  All proceeds from your purchases go directly to preserving the park and ensuring its future. These beautiful, high quality prints not only make great gifts for yourself or those on your holiday gift list, they enhance any living space with southwest color and design. Subject matter includes desert landscapes, Native American portraits, historical illustrations of the old west, depictions of Tubac buildings and landmarks, and artistic reproductions of historical maps.  We feel very fortunate to have such a rich variety of images to offer to our customers thanks to the generosity of our contributors.  Information about these fine artists and where to purchase original artwork can be found at the top of this blog’s home page.

Zazzle’s (our print-on-demand partner) premium canvas (matte, 18 mil thick and deal for framing and stretching), is made from an acid-free cotton-poly blend and features a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. Made with a tight weave ideal for any photography or fine art, our instant-dry matte canvas produces prints that are fade-resistant for 100+ years.  Need to request a different size?  Contact Sepia and Black and White versions of many artworks are also available by request.

Below is a sampling of premium canvas art prints found at the Tubac Presidio online gift shop.

Thank you for looking!

Tubac Presidio Park Christmas Art and Gifts

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Oral Histories Part II

The following is a continuation of an article by Shaw Kinsley  taken largely from taped oral histories and appeared previously in the Villager.

Personalities of Tubac-Maxine Guy Part II

Maxine Guy in Tubac

Maxine, having fallen in love with the concept of craftsmen/artists doing their own high-quality work, moved to Tubac in 1969, and, after sharing a studio on Tubac Plaza with Marcia Palmer, she opened her own studio and gallery, The Potted Owl, in 1972.  There, she threw her own clay creations and generously shared her skills with a number of young artists who later became successful potters themselves.  Maxine was especially proud of her specialty glazes.  (Tubac Historical Society would very much like to have photographs of Maxine’s pottery.  If you own a piece, please call 398-2020 so we can photograph it for our collections).

Influenced by her mother, Maxine developed a love for wildlife and often cared for injured creatures. Over the years, her experience and related knowledge in this vocation grew and veterinarians often asked for her advice.  She and her friend, Mae Hickman, wrote a book on the subject, Cure of the Wild, Feathered and Furred:  A Guide to Wildlife Handling and Care.  Lauded by Cleveland Amory as the best guide available, reprints are still found in the marketplace today.  She took in all sorts of animals, from hummingbirds to eagles, and was one of a very few people to be licensed by the federal authorities to care for wildlife.  She, herself, bore the expense, and she was often able to release animals into the wild with the help of Arizona Fish and Game.

In 1988 George McGill and Edith Bobbitt conceived a benefit evening they called “For the Love of It” to raise funds for the Maxine Guy Wildlife Trust Fund.  Maxine received certificates of appreciation from the United States Congress and Santa Cruz County as well as a Letter of Commendation from the Humane Society of Santa Cruz County.  Her work continues today at the Simpson Wildlife Sanctuary at Montana Vista in Green Valley and is run by Ken and Sue Simpson, who are grateful to Maxine for her help in getting them properly licensed and for all she taught and shared with them.

Maxine died at home on a Sunday in 1992 of an apparent heat attack.  She is sorely missed by all who knew her and by all the wild, feathered and furred creatures she helped.  Her impact is aptly expressed by Guy and Mary Ellen Blakeslee who said this, “Maxine Guy is a total package; a whole person in her attitude and action toward nature an in the clear aesthetics of her art”.  Thank you Maxine, for your lovely legacy.

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Tubac Presidio Park Gift Shop where proceeds from your purchases help preserve this cultural treasure.

Arizona’s Tubac Presidio Park-Where History Lives!

The Park

The Tubac Presidio State Historic Park is Arizona’s first state park and is situated on the grounds of the state’s oldest European community.  Visit the underground exhibit of the Presidio ruins, tour the museum, see Arizona’s first printing press or visit the furnished 1885 schoolhouse. The schoolhouse, Otero Hall and Rojas House are all on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Anza Trailhead and a picnic grounds are also featured.

The History

The church and the military were the vanguards of Spanish frontier expansion throughout Mexico.  The Jesuit, Eusebio Francisco Kino, established missions in Pimeria Alta (part of which is southern Arizona) from 1687 to 1711 to convert and control Indians in the area. He established Tumacacori in 1691, and Tubac, then a small Pima village three miles to the north, became a mission, farm or visita.  Spaniards began to settle here during the 1730s, and eventually controlled the land and the lives of the Indians.

In 1751, Luis Oacpicagigua, a Pima chief stirred by many grievances, led a revolt which drove the Spaniards southward.  A military detachment was sent to the area, and peace was  reestablished within three months.

The Presidio (fort) de San Ignacio de Tubac was founded in 1752.  The fifty cavalrymen garrisoned at this remote outpost were to control the Pimas, to protect the frontier from Apaches and Seris, and to further explore the Southwest.

Juan Bautista de Anza II, the second commander of the presidio, organized two overland expeditions consisting of  240 colonists from the provinces of Sinaloa and Sonora (63 of whom were from Tubac), military personnel and 1000 head of cattle, horses and mules, which resulted in the founding of San Francisco in 1776.  When the military authorities moved the garrison from Tubac to Tucson, the settlers were unprotected from  the persistent threat of Apaches and soon left their lands.  In 1787, Spanish officers were once again posted at Tubac along with Indian soldiers.  Apache reservations were established and the government provided supplies in an effort to keep the peace.  In 1821, Mexico won independence from Spain and the new government lacked the funds necessary to continue supplying the Apaches, many of whom returned to a life of raiding .  Between the raids and the lure of California gold, the area was abandoned once again.

Tubac was included in the Gadsen Purchase of 1853, and was soon being resettled and developed by adventurers from the States as well as former landowners.  Charles D. Poston was instrumental in forming the Sonora Exploring and Mining Company, which acquired a printing press in 1859 which printed Arizona’s first newspaper, The Weekly Arizonian.

Tubac’s population grew steadily until , in 1860, it was the largest town in Arizona.  The American Civil War, however, drained the region of troops and Tubac was deserted again.  The town never regained its earlier importance.


In 1974, archaeologists from the University of Arizona excavated portions or the presidio and was then backfilled as a preservation measure.  In 1976, a section was reexposed in an archaeological display enclosure where visitors can view the portions of the original foundation, walls, and plaza floor of the 1752 structure.


Tubac Presidio State Historic Park is located amid art galleries, gift shops, clothing boutiques,  restaurants and the scenic beauty of Southern Arizona.  Visitors from around the world, as well as from all over the United States, come yearly to take in the mixture of historical charm and southwestern hospitality of this  fascinating place.

Take the Tubac Presidio Park Walking Tour

Enjoy the Park’s museum

See Arizona’s First Printing Press

Own a piece of history and help preserve this cultural treasure.  Visit the Tubac Presidio on-line Gift Shop and find postcards, t-shirts, stainless steel mugs, maps, historical photographs and more!  All proceeds from purchases go directly to the park and are greatly appreciated.

Donate your original drawing, photograph or art work by email ( giftshp@tubacpresidio,org ) and we will feature it on products in the gift shop.  You will be credited and your website promoted.  We could use anything from a nature snapshot to an artistic masterpiece.  This is a fun and painless way to help a worthy cause.  Thank you!

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Contributor’s Spotlight- Roberta Rogers

San Xavier Mission

We are delighted to have Roberta Rogers as a contributing artist for the Tubac Presidio Park on-line gift shop.

Roberta Rogers has been an Arizona resident since 1970, first in Flagstaff and now in Tubac.

She specializes in watercolor landscapes and buildings of the southwest. Her work is recognized by its sparkling color, attention to detail, and remarkable views of subject matter.

A third generation watercolorist, Ms. Rogers holds a Master’s Degree in Art from California State University at Fresno. She is a juried member of the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society and a member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. Her work is found in private and corporate collections, and available in Arizona galleries

We spotlight some of our favorite items featuring her lovely work.  Click on a picture for details and how to purchase.  For more information about Roberta and her watercolors, please visit her website.

Tubac Historical Society postcard

Tubac, Arizona apron

Vintage Chevy keychain, luggage tag or gym bag ID

Ceramic Pots iPad case

I support Tubac Fine Arts white stainles steel travel mug

Tubac Recipe binder

Roberta Rogers organic grocery tote bag


 We encourage our readers to contribute a photo, drawing or painting for use on our site.  It’s easy and free!  Contact us at to find out how to email your contribution and for more information.  We could use anything from a nature snapshot to an artistic masterpiece.

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Call to Artists-Tubac Artists and Photographers-Donate an image by Email!

     We would like to feature more work from our local artists and photographers on the Tubac Presidio Park merchandising site.  Submit at least three works of art or photographs and you will be featured on our blog and we will include your website and/or contact information in the product descriptions of  any products utilizing your work in its design.  You will receive no remuneration from your submissions, but you will be helping us to secure the future of the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.  All proceeds from sales on our merchandising site go directly to preserving this cultural treasure.

    Contact our designer at for quick and easy instructions for submission.  Please type ‘submissions’ in the subject line of your email. 

     We are very pleased with the response to our efforts so far and have over 300 products currently for sale.  See these at*

     Below are some favorites.  Click the picture for more information about the product or to make a purchase. Thank you for looking, and we look forward to hearing from our talented locals! 


It’s the EXTRA Thought that Counts

          No feeling equals that of the anticipation felt when giving something special; something one knows will be appreciated. That extra thoughtfulness put into choosing a gift is easily conveyed to the recipient when that gift is personalized or customized especially for that person. This explains the growing popularity of print-on-demand art and gift sites like the one we at the Tubac Presidio Park have chosen to host our merchandising shop.
     It is easy and fun to personalize a gift, t-shirt or card. Some of our products show a box to the right of the product photo where one can enter a name or a special message, making that gift one-of-a-kind. Many of our products also allow for substitution of the shopper’s own artwork or photograph for the one pictured, which is easily uploaded from his/her computer. The new product is printed within 24 hours and on its way to bringing your heartfelt, personalized message to that someone special.

     More options are available for customization. Under the product photo is a little orange ‘customize’ bar that when clicked allows you, the shopper, to change the size and placement of the artwork seen on the product or to change the color, size and placement of text. Text may be added to any product, which includes inserting a name, monogram, greeting, or personal message. Many colors and fonts are available for this purpose.
     All artwork in the Tubac Presidio Park shop can be customized. Choose poster stock or canvas. Choose from many framing, matting and glazing options. Choose another size to fit that perfect spot on your wall. On the artwork itself, it is also possible to add a border in the size and color of your choosing. You may also add text to any artwork offered. All these options exist to help you create a unique and personal gift that cannot be found anywhere else.

     T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other apparel for men, women and children are especially fun to customize or personalize. The options for styles, colors, fonts and additional photos and artwork are endless. Your imagination and creativity adds that personal touch in designing something that expresses your individuality or your appreciation for that special someone in your life.
     Help is available at  .  Email our designer for free help with your customization or personalization questions. (Please put ‘Zazzle help’ in the subject line.) You may also request any of the artwork seen on our site be placed on other products offered by Zazzle. We are often able to fulfill requests for changes in color of the artwork (black and white instead of sepia or blue instead of red, for example).
     Visit the Tubac Presidio Park Shop and try it for yourself. We offer a wide variety of products featuring historical photographs, maps and artwork from which to choose. Remember to bring along your own personal touch and create something truly wonderful that will be treasured for years to come.

    More products are being added daily, so please visit often.  Sign up for our fan club on the Tubac Presidio Park Shop home page to receive notification of new products as they are posted.  Thank you for looking!

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