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Presidio Online Gift Shop Gets Facelift

preswrdprsOur On-line Gift Shop

The Tubac Presidio, in partnership with the world’s largest print-on-demand platform (Zazzle), launched our on-line gift shop in 2011. We have enjoyed this relationship and we anticipate nothing but greater success in the future due to the changes Zazzle implemented on July 1st. Our shop is now more streamlined and easier to navigate, creating an even better shopping experience for our visitors.

How It Works

Based on our historical photographs, maps and documents, we design  all of the products we offer in our shop. These items range from t-shirts and mugs to postcards and cell phone cases. New products are added periodically like laptop sleeves and water bottles. We earn a small commission on every product we sell, all of which goes directly to the Tubac Presidio Park in aid of its preservation efforts.  Zazzle prints and ships the purchased product, usually within 24 hours and with a no-questions-asked guarantee: if you don’t love it, they take it back.


Contributing Artists

We have been fortunate enough to benefit from the gracious generosity of our contributing artists, who have allowed us the privilege of using a sampling of their artwork or photography in our designs. Alice Keene, Roberta Rogers, Richard Lasley and William Ahrendt have our deepest thanks for the added appeal they bring to our little shop!

How You Can Help

The Tubac Presidio Park is a cultural and historical treasure. If you would like to support efforts to preserve the Park, you can do so in two ways.

1. Purchase something! Use our link to browse in our Gift Shop. You may find something you like. Or use our Zazzle link (using this link ensures we will receive remuneration for referring you and does not increase the price you pay) to shop in its multitude of shops featuring art and designs from around the country as well as from around the world.

2. Contribute a photograph or a work of art. Have you taken a lovely photograph of the local flora or fauna, the local scenery or of something else of local interest? Perhaps you are an artist with something to share? Once you donate an image, we do not own it. You are free to sell it, post it, or reprint it elsewhere. It will always remain yours. We would like to credit you but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is okay with us. By donating, you would help us expand our appeal and our inventory. We would greatly appreciate your gift. Interested? Contact our shop designer, Cindy, via email for details. (P.S. You will not be added to any sort of mailing list or volunteer list.)

Donated Residential Photo

Donated Residential Photo made into a Postcard

Thank you

Our thanks to all of our supporters and visitors over the last two years. We look forward to sharing more history and more artwork in the future!


Our new storefront


January 2013 Events

 tedJanuary Events

Lots of fun things are happening at the Tubac Presidio that I want you to know about… There is space available at all of these events and it would be great if you could come to any (or all!) of them.

First, I’m thrilled to tell you that the Tohono Village shop in Tubac is coming back to life. They are hosting an O’odham Artisan Show both days this weekend from 10 to 4. Acclaimed watercolorist Michael Chiago will be there and they are also featuring demonstrating artists, food, and entertainment. They are located at 10 Camino Otero in Tubac. More information is at 398-2443 or by emailing Be sure to check them out when you’re in town.

Second, we will have a superb talk on “Rock Art of the Southwest” tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, January 17) at 2pm in the school house. Sharon Urban is an expert in the field and a very engaging speaker. Call 398-2252 to reserve a place.


Rock Art of the Southwest – Thursday, January 17, 2pm

Learn the difference between a pictograph and petroglyph with rock art enthusiast Sharon Urban. Urban worked for the Arizona State Museum, retiring after 32 years as the Public Archaeologist. An expert on prehistoric shell artifacts and the study of pictographs and petroglyphs, she has interpreted rock art sites and given presentations to schools and groups around Arizona. $7.50 adult, $4.50 youth 7-13, children free.

Third, we will be having a period dressed school group in the Park experiencing what education was like in the Territorial days on Friday morning, and Jim Pagels will be demonstrating Frontier Printing from 9 to 1pm. At 12:30 our Living History demonstration of Spanish Colonial food begins and runs until 3:30. If you haven’t had a sample of our posole (made to a 200 year old recipe), this is your chance!

Frontier Printing Press Demonstrations – Friday, January 18, 9am-1pm

Professional printer and teacher James Pagels demonstrates the Washington Press used to print Arizona’s first newspaper in 1859 and answers questions about hand press printing, type setting, and other aspects of this marvel of industrial engineering. Included with park admission $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Living History: Foods of the Spanish Colonial Period – Friday, January 18, 12:30-3:30pm

Volunteers dressed in period clothing reenact the daily lives of Spanish soldiers and civilians who lived in Tubac during the Spanish Colonial period (1752-1776). Featuring a special display of the bounty of foods from the Old World, New World and surrounding desert used by Tubac cooks, plus cooking demos with samples. $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

Fourth, we are hosting the third in Jack Lasseter’s series of talks on the American West for us. This Saturday, January 19, at 2pm Jack will present “Apaches and the Soldiers Who Fought Them.” The fee is $15 and includes a tax deductible contribution to Save the Presidio and a personal walk through the museum with Jack and me. We will also have some special items brought up from the museum storage for participants to see. Call 398-2252 to save a seat.

And lastly, count on coming to a fantastic school house concert with Gilbert Brown and Teodoro ‘Ted’ Ramirez on Saturday, January 26 at 2pm. There will be some awesome music including a few pieces featuring Gilbert’s expertise on the harmonica. Tickets are $18 and reservations can be made by calling 398-2252.

If you haven’t seen them, the twenty-two Walter Blakelock Wilson paintings we have on display through April are splendid and look great in our museum. Make sure to take a few moments to enjoy them!

Southwestern Vistas: Landscapes of American Painter Walter Blakelock Wilson – January 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013, daily 9am-5pm

The Tubac Presidio hosts a retrospective exhibition of artwork by the late Tubac artist, Walter Blakelock Wilson (1929-2011). Wilson’s portraits, landscapes and architectural imagery have made their way into several museums and over 300 corporate and private collections. His historical paintings feature Native Americans, frontier personalities and dramatic southwest vistas and landscapes. Included with park admission $5 adult, $2 youth 7-13, children free.

We hope to see you soon!

Our online Gift Shop

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Jim Turner Book Signing


Join us for this very special event December 18th!

Grand Opening-Tubac Presidio Park online Gift Shop

     In January of this year, the Tubac Presidio Park began developing its online gift shop.  With the help of a local volunteer, we have been able to post over 1500 gift items for sale to a world-wide customer base.  The gift shop is hosted by Zazzle, the premier print-on-demand site, which offers a 100% guarantee on our merchandise, which is typically manufactured within 24 hours of order placement. Your purchases will be greatly appreciated and all proceeds go directly to preserving the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.  Shopping online at the gift shop is a fun way to help ensure the future of this cultural treasure.

     Our Christmas cards, gift tags, gift bags, and gift items are unique and feature artwork donated by our contributing artists Roberta Rogers, Richard Lasley, and Alice Keene.  We also offer a selection of collectible Tubac Christmas items.

     These same artists, along with renowned western artist, William Ahrendt, have donated many beautiful artworks that you will find on canvas fine-art prints, postcards, and affordable posters.  Historical maps, photographs, and documents are also to be found on gifts as diverse as key rings, t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and cell phone cases.

     Join us on Facebook for sales going on now through the Christmas Season and, of course, our blog will keep you up to date on new products like ceramic tiles, trivets and gift boxes, which we will be adding over the coming weeks.  Sign up to receive the latest posts!

     We also offer 2012 calendars, spiral bound in three sizes, or on the backs of postcards for handy desk referencing.

      All items in the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop can be customized and personalized by you to create a one-of-a-kind gift tailored specifically for anyone on your gift list.

     We look forward to your visit and we hope you find that perfect something for your special someone this holiday season.  Happy Holidays!

     For more information or for help customizing your gift items, please contact

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Zazzle Christmas Marketplace

Southwest Canvas Fine Art Prints Now Available

     Just in time for Christmas, premium canvas fine art prints featuring paintings and photography from our contributing artists, Roberta Rogers, Alice Keene, Richard Lasley and William Ahrendt, are now available for purchase from the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop.  All proceeds from your purchases go directly to preserving the park and ensuring its future. These beautiful, high quality prints not only make great gifts for yourself or those on your holiday gift list, they enhance any living space with southwest color and design. Subject matter includes desert landscapes, Native American portraits, historical illustrations of the old west, depictions of Tubac buildings and landmarks, and artistic reproductions of historical maps.  We feel very fortunate to have such a rich variety of images to offer to our customers thanks to the generosity of our contributors.  Information about these fine artists and where to purchase original artwork can be found at the top of this blog’s home page.

Zazzle’s (our print-on-demand partner) premium canvas (matte, 18 mil thick and deal for framing and stretching), is made from an acid-free cotton-poly blend and features a special ink-receptive coating that protects the printed surface from cracking when stretched. Made with a tight weave ideal for any photography or fine art, our instant-dry matte canvas produces prints that are fade-resistant for 100+ years.  Need to request a different size?  Contact Sepia and Black and White versions of many artworks are also available by request.

Below is a sampling of premium canvas art prints found at the Tubac Presidio online gift shop.

Thank you for looking!

Tubac Presidio Park Christmas Art and Gifts

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How to Add a Photo to ANY item in the Tubac Presidio Park Online Gift Shop


A number of our items in the Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop (hosted by Zazzle) are offered as a template.  A space is provided for you, the purchaser, to upload a photo from your computer and incorporate it into the design.  You have now co-created a one-of-a-kind item for purchase by you and no one else!  (Circled area in the illustration shows where to upload your photo.  Click ‘change’ and follow the prompt.)







It is also possible to add a photo to an item without the provided template.  This second illustration (left) shows a greeting card which offers a text template but no photo template.  To add a photo, click the orange  ‘Customize it’ button visible below the picture of the card itself. You will now be on the customization page for this greeting card (3rd illustration below).  

Let’s say you would like to add a photo to an inside page of this card picturing the intended recipient of this birthday card.  Click the ‘view’ of this page shown in the row of images below the large picture of the greeting card. It will be the page view that contains the text ‘Happy Birthday” and circled in white in illustration below. 






Now (illustration below) you will see the ‘Happy Birthday’ page shown in the main image area in place of the front of the card which features artwork. ( Whatever you see in any particular view is exactly what will be printed on the product when you click ‘Add to Cart”, so be sure you like what you see when you are done with any customizing you do on a product.)  Now you are ready to click the white ‘Add images’ button below ‘customize it’ (circled in gray in the 4th illustration to the left).  The fifth illustration shows what pops up on the screen.  Follow the instructions.  Illustration number 6 shows your photo on the page.  We must now size and position the photo and customize the text so that everything looks good.


  Using the tools labeled in illustration 7 (below), we can move the photograph or text; we can increase or decrease the size of the photograph or text; we can change the font or color of the text.  Experiment with these tolls until you like the result, which in this case, is shown in illustration 8 (last illustration).





The final product is a custom Greeting card with beautiful artwork on the front and a very personal greeting on the inside.  Choose the number of copies you wish to order and click ‘Add to Cart’ and you are finished!  Fun to do and sure to please, customization is what put Zazzle on the map.  The Tubac Presidio Gift Shop is hosted by Zazzle, thus enabling us to offer these same tools to our customers and supporters.

 Stuck, Confused, or Unhappy with your Progress?

 Click the Tubac Presidio Park banner at the top of the page and you will be returned to the home page, where you may begin again. For answers to your questions, feel free to contact our designer at where you will receive timely assistance.  Also, check out the Zazzle Guarantee, which ensures your satisfaction or your money back.


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Tubac Presidio Park online gift shop

Zazzle Marketplace

Tubac Presidio Park-Online Milestone


Tubac Presidio Park On-line Gift Shop was awarded a Pro-Seller badge yesterday, July 13, 2011 from Zazzle, Inc.  It is estimated that over 800,000 sellers are responsible for the 40+ billion products in the Zazzle marketplace and that less than 10% of sellers achieve Pro-Seller status.  It is six months since we launched and we have had over 1500 visitors and posted nearly as many gift items for sale. The Tubac Presidio Park On-line Gift Shop is well on track to becoming a viable enterprise.


On offer at the shop are t-shirts and other apparel, coffee and travel mugs, greeting cards, postcards and postage, tote and grocery bags, mini speakers for laptops and cell phones,  iPhone cases, posters and prints, as well as magnets, key chains and other assorted gift items.  Historical photographs, maps, and documents provide the basis for many of the unique images found on our products.

Contributing Artists

We are so very fortunate to have four outstanding contributing artists associated with the shop:  Roberta Rogers, watercolorist; Richard Lasley, painter and illustrator; Alice Keene, photographer; and William Ahrendt, painter.  Thanks to their generosity we are able to offer beautiful prints of their work as well as other items featuring their work.  Their contributions add another dimension of color, design, and imagination to our product lines, and we are deeply grateful.


The Tubac Presidio Park On-line Gift Shop now has its own Facebook page.  Here you will find news about the Park, information about new items, and the latest discounts and promotions.  Join us!

Our Mission

Preserving the Tubac Presidio State Historic Park is our mission and finding ways to raise money is critical to our success as we strive to keep this cultural treasure open for everyone to explore and enjoy.  All proceeds from your purchases at the on-line gift shop go directly to funding this effort and will be greatly appreciated.  Another way to help our cause is to contribute a photo, recipe, or artwork for use  in the on-line gift shop.  Local participation plays a huge part in our plan for success!

Local Photographs Wanted

We would like to see your local photograph, and perhaps use it on a Tubac Presidio Park postcard, mug, or t-shirt.  Email your photo to with your name and information on the photo’s subject matter.   If we are able to use your photo, we will email you a link to our new product featuring your photo and a ‘by-line’ crediting you as the photographer will be placed in the item description box (along with any other pertinent info you provide).

Local Family Recipes Wanted

We would like to feature foodie postcards for the upcoming holidays and we are in need of local or family recipes.  If you can help, please email your recipe, name, and pertinent info to (a scan of a recipe would be an easy and quick way to upload it for emailing).  Send a photo of your dish also, if you happen to have one.  You will be credited, and we will send you a link to our new product featuring your recipe.  Our holidays will be merrier thanks to you.

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Tubac Presidio Park Shop

NEW! Custom Laptop, MP3, iPod,Cell Phone Doodle Portable Speaker from OrigAudio

Click a Pic for Info or to Buy

Completely Customizable

Now available in the Tubac Presidio Park on-line Gift Shop, the Doodle is the first ever portable speaker customized with art, photos, and text. We offer a number of designs featuring artwork by our contributing artists, Alice Keene, Roberta Rogers and Richard Lasley as well as historical maps and photographs.  Once you choose a design, your Doodle is vibrantly printed in full color to make the perfect custom speaker. (Design is more vivid than shown in the product pictures.)

Universal Compatibility

The Doodle features a 3.5 mm. headphone jack input that is compatible with any standard music device. Simply plug the Doodle speaker into your iPod, laptop, iPhone, cell phone or any other device for instant sound.

Ultra Portable

Lightweight and small enough for a jacket pocket, the Doodle is perfect for vacations, events, parties, and more. The Doodle can be powered through a USB cord (included) for endless playback or by two AAA batteries for 8-9 hours of listening enjoyment.

Your Photo or Artwork

Submit your favorite photo or artwork for placement on a Doodle speaker and purchase from the gift shop for $39.95 (plus $6.49 S&H).  All proceeds from your purchase help preserve the Tubac Presidio Park and you will receive a one-of-a-kind Doodle speaker for yourself or to give as a special gift.  Contact us at and include an image at a resolution of at least 150 dpi with any special instructions for text or filler color.  Please write DOODLE in the subject line to differentiate your email from spam.  Design will be available within 24 hours and a link will be provided that will take you directly to your custom Doodle Speaker.  No obligation to buy, no hidden fees and you are free to suggest changes until you are completely satisfied.

How does the Doodle Speaker sound?

Click video below for an independent review.

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Zazzle Doodle Speaker Marketplace

Tubac Presidio Park on-line Gift Shop

Contributor’s Spotlight-William Ahrendt

      We are happy to welcome our newest contributor to the Tubac Presidio Park on-line Gift Shop, William Ahrendt, who, at the age of seven, announced to his parents that he was going to be a painter!  At 17, he entered The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Upon graduation, Bill won the Institute’s coveted European Study Scholarship.  The scholarship afforded Bill a one year European  study tour, however his discoveries in the great museums of Europe kept him there for 11 years.  While living in Germany, he enrolled in the Munich Academy of Creative Art and studied painting techniques of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

     Bill returned to America in 1968.  He completed his Masters Degree in Art History at ASU and became the Art Department Chairperson at Glendale Community College.  He now devotes his time to the creation of historical paintings of the West and shares his life with his lovely wife, Shari, in Pine, AZ.  Bill’s works are highly sought by collectors worldwide. 

     Bill has been contributing editor of Arizona Highways magazine, where his paintings and articles have been published in over 40 issues.  He has been featured in Southwest Art and Art of the West magazines.  Phoenix Home and Gardens featured Bill as the Master Artist in the March 2002 issue.

     In April of this year, Tubac Presidio State Historic Park received 16 William Ahrendt paintings that were originally part of the Arizona Highways “Cavalcade of History” series.  They are exhibited as a permanent collection in Otero Hall and this is the first time these amazing paintings have been shown together.  The Park has dedicated this exhibit to Alan B. Davis, longtime resident and businessman. 

For more about Bill and his work, please visit his website.

William Ahrendt postcards and paintings in our gift shop

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Tubac Presidio Park Now on Facebook

     Three ways to follow us on Facebook.  1. Our Merch Facebook-a great place to see new products  and receive great deals on items in our on-line Gift Shop.  2. Our official Tubac Presidio page-a great place to check out happenings and upcoming events. 3. ‘Friend’ us-a great way to follow our posts of beautiful  desert photos, southwest art, interesting articles on a multitude of subjects, and maybe a little humor. We invite you to ‘like’ and ‘friend’ us.  Doing so not only keeps us motivated to continue working hard, but also helps our placement in searches, thereby helping sales.  Thsnk you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tubac Presidio 2014 Calendar
Tubac Presidio 2014 Calendar by PresidioPark
Find other Historical Calendars at

Our newest item for sale at the Tubac Presidio Park On-line Gift Shop is our 2014  Calendar.  Some of our favorite photos and artworks are showcased.  It comes in three sizes, making it very affordable, and, of course, all proceeds go directly to preserving the Tubac Presidio Park!

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